•   This course will be live by 1st June 2020

  •   Verified Certificate Course Completion & Project Completion 

  •   No prior knowledge of programming needed

Course Highlights

    Core Python and Package Implementation      Project planning and Documentation 
    SMTPlib, GTTS, PYGame, Matplotlib  Gender and Age Detection.
    Pokemon Image Plotting.  Live training and Doubt Sessions.
    Projects based on OpenCV,  Chatbot.  What next after this course !!

Why Microsoft Certification ?

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is an entry-level credential that validates fundamental technology skills and knowledge among students and job-seekers who are pursuing a career in technology. MTA addresses a wide range of critical technology concepts with exams that are designed to assess and validate core technical concepts in three primary areas: Developer, Database, and IT Professional.

Summer Training details:

Topic : Python programming (Core + Advance )

Duration : 28hrs (7 days) + 5 Weekly Assessment 

Mode : Live Online + MTA Mock Assessments 

Instructor : Mr. Parth Shukla (Microsoft Certified Trainer)

Method : Project based hands-on session

What after the training?

     Appear for online examination conducted by Microsoft to be a Microsoft Technology Associate!!

     Stand out and be seen with your Microsoft Certification & MTA badge!!

     Internship Opportunities!!

     Get access to your learning portal and avail more discounts on further certifications!!

Fee - 2690 + 18% gst

Initial Registration : 500 INR (Before 28th of May )


  Day 1

  • Introduction to Python
  • Using Variables in Python
  • Problem Solving based on Core Python (Hacker Rank)
  • Practical Assignment
  • Understanding Collection in Python
  • Why Python ?
  • Installing and Starting with Python

  Day 2

  • Day 2 Live Session
  • Practical Assignment
  • Working with Python Modules
  • Mastering Exceptional handling and File Handling
  • Day 2 Session recording

  Day 3

  • Working with Python Modules & Packages
  • Working with Google text to Speech package
  • Working with PIP for implementing SMTPLib, PYQRCode & Pygame
  • Creating own Python module
  • Assignment based on Python Package
  • Day 3 Session recording
  • Pygame session Minutes

  Day 4

  • Implementing Object Oriented Programming using python
  • Declaring Class and Creating object
  • Connecting Application with SQLite Database
  • Practical Assignment
  • What is gitHub ?
  • Github Assignment

  Mock test

  • Mock test based on Core python and implementation of packages
  • Mock Test 1
  • Mock Assessment for Data types,Operators, Decision and Looping Statements

  Working with pygame

  • Working with Pygame
  • Why Pygame ?
  • Your First Program with Pygame
  • Understanding Steps in First Pygame program
  • Drawing object using Pygame
  • Adding interactivity to your code
  • Adding Functionality
  • Game Assignment
  • Working with Pygame Part-2

  Day 5

  • Developing GUI in python using Tkinter package
  • Practical assignment based on GUI
  • Working with Open CV package
  • Project Discussion based on Open CV
  • Assessment based on Open CV
  • Working with Open CV

  Day 6

  • Working with Data science packages like Pandas and Numpy
  • Practical Assignment based on Data science Packages
  • Assessment based on Data Science Packages

  Day 7

  • Creating a Website application using Flask
  • Understanding Web-scraping in python
  • Mini-project implementation showing IMDB Movie Cards on flask Website
  • Assessment based on Web-App development and web Scrapping using python

  Weekly Mock Test Series for MTA certification

  • Course Content for Microsoft Certification
  • Begin to Code for MTA 98 381 certification Exam
  • FAQ for MTA 98 381 Certification

  Mini projects based on python

  • Pokemon- Image Plotting (Poke-e-Search)
  • Chat bot implementation using python
  • Driver Drowsiness detection using open CV
  • Gender and Age Detection using open CV

  Project planning and Documentation

  • Minutes of Project Session
  • MTA Demo
  • Final Assessment