•   This course  is based on preparation of Microsoft Global Certification. 

  •   Verified Certificate of Course Completion and 1 Microsoft Exam Voucher

  •   No prior knowledge of Python is needed

Course Highlights

   Clean Coding using Python Construct
     Data Acquisition(Import & Export) 
    Understanding Modules and Packages  Visualisation in Python
    Single line loops, classes,  Exception handling   Machine Learning libraries - Numpy, Pandas, Theano
    Data Structure & Manipulation  File Handling in Python 

Why Microsoft Certification ?

Start a career in technology

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is an entry-level credential that validates fundamental technology skills and knowledge among students and job-seekers who are pursuing a career in technology. MTA addresses a wide range of critical technology concepts with exams that are designed to assess and validate core technical concepts in three primary areas: Developer, Database, and IT Professional.

Course  Details:

 Duration : 10 Days (20hrs)

Mode : Live Online Training + MTA Mock Assessments + 1 Microsoft MTA Python Voucher

Instructor : Mr. Parth Shukla (Microsoft Certified Trainer)

What after the training?

     Appear for online examination conducted by Microsoft to be a Microsoft Technology Associate !!

     Stand out and be seen with your Microsoft Certification & MTA badge!!

     Internship Opportunities!!

     Get access to your learning portal and avail more discounts on further certifications!!


  1. General IT knowledge
  2. Basic networking knowledge recommended


Python is easy to learn & implement, powerful, versatile, making it a great choice for beginners as well as experts.  Learn Python with our Microsoft Certified Trainer and fetch yourself a Global Certification on Python. 

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a recommended entry point into IT certification. Pass just one exam and you’ll earn a certification!

The course is perfect for anyone who seeks to learn the Python Programming & earn Microsoft's Global Certification (MTA).

   Number of Questions : 38

  Duration : 45 Minutes

Questions Type: Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop and Selection from the drop down list

Syllabus for Global certification :

Perform Operations using Data Types and Operators (20-25%)

Test an expression to identify the data type Python will assign to each variable

   Identify str, int, float, and Bool data types

Perform data and data type operations

Convert from one data type to another type; construct data structures; perform indexing and slicing operations

Determine the sequence of execution based on operator precedence

  Assignment; Comparison; Logical; Arithmetic; Identity (is); Containment (in)

Select the operator to achieve the intended result

Assignment; Comparison; Logical; Arithmetic; Identity (is); Containment (in)

Control Flow with Decisions and Loops (25-30%)

Construct and analyze code segments that use branching statements

  If; Elif; else; nested and compound conditional expressions

Construct and analyze code segments that perform iteration

While; for; break; continue; pass; nested loops and loops that include compound conditional expressions

Perform Input and Output Operations (20-25%)

Construct and analyze code segments that perform file input and output operations

Open; close; read; write; append; check existence; delete; with statement

Construct and analyze code segments that perform console input and output operations

Read input from console; print formatted text; use of command line arguments

Document and Structure Code (15-20%)

Document code segments using comments and documentation strings

Use indentation, white space, comments, and documentation strings; generate documentation by using pydoc

Construct and analyze code segments that include function definitions

Call signatures; default values; return; def; pass

Perform Troubleshooting and Error Handling (5-10%)

Analyze, detect, and fix code segments that have errors

Syntax errors; logic errors; runtime errors

Analyze and construct code segments that handle exceptions

Try; except; else; finally; raise

Perform Operations Using Modules and Tools (1-5%)

Perform basic operations using built-in modules

Math; date time; io; sys; os; os.path; random

Solve complex computing problems by using built-in modules

Math; date-time; random

Who this course is for:

Anyone looking to clear Microsoft Python Certification

Anyone who wish to Develop project in Python 

Note : You exam voucher is valid for 1 year from Purchase 


  Day 1

  • Session Recording for Day 1
  • MOCC For MTA Python certification
  • MTA python Files for Exam Prep
  • MTA Exam prep Student Files
  • Getting Started With Python Programming

  Day 2

  • Session Recording for Day 2

  Day 3

  • Session recording for Day 3

  Day 4

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  Day 5

  • Session recording
  • Headfirst for Python

  Day 6

  • Understanding Pygame and Tkinter for creating applications
  • Game Programming using python

  Day 7

  • Session recording


  • MVA Slides for MTA 98-381

  Session Recording

  • Session Recording


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