This course is created keeping following Questions in mind?

  1. Why we should Master Email Etiquettes.
  2. Four pillars of Good Communication.
  3.  How to improve emotions of your Mail.
  4. How to work on Email Writing Style.
  5. Kwurd: Self-Improvement Application for mastering the Art of Email Writing.

Following are some related modules

Tips for improving written communication 
Tips for improving oral Communication 


  Why Email Etiquette are important?

  • How to improve your Email Etiquette?
  • AI tool for Improving Email writing?
  • Session Recording
  • How to master the art of writing good Mail?

  How AI can be used in improving Softskills?

  • Ground Rules for using Numbers in Live Interaction and written communication
  • How AI is transforming Learning and Development ?

  Quiz based on Written communication

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