IP Unleashed 

Course contents:

  • Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
  •  Types of IPR and their Applicability
  • Filing Procedure for IPRs - Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Domain Names etc
  • IPR in Cyber Space  
  • Case Studies and Industrial Applicability 

Course Highlights :

1 .Intellectual property rights (IPR) & its Domains

2. IPRS in Software

3. Start-up and IP awareness

4. Key business concerns in commercializing intellectual property rights

5. Case studies - Analysis and Reviews

Key learnings :

  1. Decoding appropriate IPR.
  2. Applicability of IPRs in Corporates via IPMS.
  3. Different business lines in IPRs industry for Legal/ Non-legal aspirants.
  4. Information about Courses and Examination on IPRs.

Focus Group/Target Audience : 

            Anyone who has access to Internet can benefit from the Institute’s e-learning             program.

  • Students(Graduates / Post Graduates) and Faculties of Any Stream
  • Lawyers
  • Law enforcement personnels
  • Patent agents
  • Intellectual Property Officers in Government Sector
  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Software Professionals
  • Management Professionals 
  • Economists
  • Journalists
  • Government Officials
  • Indu Intending to seek IPR knowledge.

About the Trainers :


An advocate with over 10 years' experience. Intellectual Property Laws, Cyber Laws, Data Protection, Arbitration, Insolvency Laws, Money Laundering, Service matters, suits, etc. An academic enthusiast has given webinars and lectures Cyber Laws and Intellectual Property Laws. She has worked in a plethora of courts and worked with various stalwarts in the legal arena.


A working professional with a total experience of 10 years in Corporate Industry in different domains. Have worked in an IP firm for 7 years and have thorough experience in managing different IPR’s in various IPMS’s. Have been independently managing the end-to-end delivery of IPR services through IPMS including onshore communications, client interactions, process and product trainings and documentation. Have also been conducting sessions in colleges in collaboration with 9LedgePro since 2017. 


  Day 1 Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights. Careers and exams overview in IPR.

  • What is IPR

  Day 2: Trademark Law and its implementation

  • What are Trademarks ?

  Day 3: Law of Copyrights and Related Rights

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  Day 4: Introduction to patents and related aspects. Process of patent filling.

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  Day 5: Law Relating to Geographical Indications and Industrial Designs

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  • What is IPR ?