•   This course is prepared for MOCK practice of DYPIU Students appearing for Microsoft certification.

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Why Microsoft Certification ?

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is an entry-level credential that validates fundamental technology skills and knowledge among students and job-seekers who are pursuing a career in technology. MTA addresses a wide range of critical technology concepts with exams that are designed to assess and validate core technical concepts in three primary areas: Developer, Database, and IT Professional.

Jump-start your career and demonstrate your achievements through industry-recognized Microsoft certifications.

Assessment details:

Topic : MOCK Assessment for HTML5, JS and CSS certification exam

What after the Certification ?

     Appear for online examination conducted by Microsoft to be a Microsoft Technology Associate!!

     Stand out and be seen with your Microsoft Certification & MTA badge!!

     Internship Opportunities!!

     Get access to your learning portal and avail more discounts on further certifications!!

Test Details:

Number of Sections 5

Number of Questions 
Test Duration60 Minute
Test Language  English
Assessment Date and Time 25th June 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Course completion certificate will be generated within 24Hrs after appearing assessment and can be downloaded from main Dash Board of your login.


  Practice test based on Understand HTML Fundamentals

  • Construct markup that uses metadata elements.
  • Construct well-formed markup that conforms to industry best practices.

  Practice test based on Understand CSS Fundamentals

  • • Analyze the impact of using inline styles, internal style sheets, and external style sheets.
  • Construct and analyze rule sets.
  • Construct well-formed style sheets that conform to

  Practice test based on Structure Documents Using HTML

  • Construct and analyze markup to structure content and organize data.
  • Construct and analyze markup that uses HTML5 semantic elements.
  • Construct and analyze markup that implements navigation.
  • • Construct and analyze markup that uses form elements.

  Practice test based on Present Multimedia Using HTML

  • Construct and analyze markup that displays images.
  • Describe the appropriate use of the img, svg, and canvas elements.
  • • Construct and analyze markup that plays video and audio.

  Practice test based on Style Web Pages Using CSS

  • Construct and analyze styles that position content.
  • • IConstruct and analyze styles that format text.
  • Construct and analyze styles that format backgrounds and borders.
  • Analyze styles that implement a simple responsive layout.

  Mock test

  • Assessment 1 on HTML5. JS and CSS

  Final Mock test

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