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5 Day Cyber Security/Ethical Hacking Workshop

Increased Internet penetration for applications such as e-Governance, e-Commerce, e-Banking, digital payments, e-Learning, smart cities, etc. has resulted in an exponential rise in sophisticated attacks on Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. This has lead to Cyber Security as an important aspect to secure our computers and networks. Both government & industry are becoming the victims of cyber criminals, including companies working in security technology.

Cyber Security is going to be a much more serious problem in the coming years. Hence, it becomes more important & essential to be aware of the challenges and methods to meet the new age attacks.

Course objective:

This course will provide an overview on Cryptography and Information Security, PKI and Digital Signature, IPv6 Addressing, Ethical Hacking, various attacks & countermeasures, Wireless & Wi-Fi Security, Viruses, Trojans, Spywares, Security Issues in Android, Cyber Forensics.

Day wise Course Content for One Week Skill Development Program 

Session 1: Cryptography and Information Security - Intro / Symmetric & Assymetric Keys / Security threat & attacks / IT ACT perspective, Digital Signature Certificate

Session 2.1: Windows and Linux Commands Tips/Tricks/Tools, System and Website PenTesting

Session 2.2: INTRODUCTION TO ETHICAL HACKING - Ethical Hacker / Why Ethical Hacking / Terminology / Phases of Ethical Hacking / Information Gathering / Network Discovery / Various tools used for Scanning

Session 3.1: BRUTE FORCE ATTACK & COUNTER MEASURES - Brute Force Attack / Types of Password Attacks / Denial of Service (DoS) / Types of DoS Attacks / Symptoms for DoS Attack / MAC Address Spoofing

Session 3.2: TROJAN, BACKDOOR &VIRUS and Android Hacking - Trojan, Backdoor & Virus / Tools Used / countermeasures / Malware Analysis & Types

Session 4: Wireless & Wi-Fi Security - Wireless Attacks and Threats / Wireless Protocols / Wireless Security Configuration and Network Isolation

Session 5: Cyber Forensics - Principles / Forensics Analysis / Registry Analysis / Forensic Thumbs.db

Resource Person

Mr. Parth Shukla, Co - Founder - 9LedgePro - Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller)  

Microsoft Certified Professional/Trainer


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