Digital Marketing has increasingly become a crucial part for organizations to establish thought leadership and showcase work environments. A digital marketer uses digital channels such as company websites, social media, search engine rankings, email marketing tools, online display of ads, etc. for lead generation and building brand awareness.

Webinar will be followed by an assessment, based on understanding of marketing fundamentals, ability to plan keywords for developing better SEO, knowledge of Google Adwords skills, and management of online traffic.

A digital marketer’s ability to effectively work towards developing business, branding and advertising, generating and converting leads, are measured through our series of questions, thus providing an overall review of his/her knowledge and expertise.

A digital marketer should be able to evaluate a brand’s needs, develop strategies to maximize profits, execute effective content strategies and use measurable analytics for identifying weaknesses and improving the performance across various digital channels.

Webinar is focused at understanding  procedure of designing a Digital Marketing Plan 

  1. What is a Digital Marketing Plan and why we should use a strategy for our marketing plan
  2. Different Factors to be considered while designing a digital marketing plan ?
  3. Marketing Plan for each platform with a template
Developing Digital Marketing Mindset
 First Monday of Every month Mr Jyoti Swaroop Mohanty  

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